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Webroot Anti-Virus Infographic

Not sure if webroot is for you? Here is imformation for you to look at. Webroot is BUSINESS grade virus protection managed for you at Shaw Computer Services!

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Logmein Remote Login

When you purchase your Webroot subscription from us we install for you via remote access. Not sure about letting us remote log in? Find out more at the button below.

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Webroot - Cyber Crime is Intelligent *VIDEO*

Pricing Table

Avira Anti-Virus

1 Standard Anti-Virus
2 Protect from Ransomware
3 Avira System Speedup App

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Webroot Anti-Virus

1 Your own personal IT team @ Shaw Computers
2 No computer scan popups or annoying anti-virus notifications
3 Shaw Computers monitors and cleans PC behind the scenes

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Shawsome Maintenance

$200/Year OR $20/Mon
1 Shawsome is not Anit-Virus, It is a full System Maintenance service
2 Monitors things like Hardware and Software space and updates
3 Fixed computer issues before they become problems

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Webroot + Shawsome

$260/Year or $30/Mon
1 Combine the power of Webroot Anit-Virus and Shawsome
2 Fully protect your computer from all threats
3 Business Grade IT support for you the everyday person.

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Computer security you can trust, we guarantee it!

Purchase your protection now. No hassle install, our skilled techs install remotely so no need to come in!

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I trust Shaw Computers

I go to Shaw's for all my computer needs. I've had my files Saved and a hard drive replaced. They are always helpful!

So glad I shop Local!!

Bought a computer from Shaw Computers and the Computer failed within 2 months! They put the hard drive from my computer into a brand new one right there on the spot! Everything saved and working fine again. Did I mention no charge! Love my local computer shop.

About Us

As a team at Shaw Computers we are together responsible for the servicing and repair of computer equipment. It does not matter if it is software gone haywire or hardware that has taken a turn for the worse, we have the skills and equipment necessary to diagnose and solve any computer problem. With years of combined experience in the computer field we can get even the most neglected computer up and running.